5 reasons to watch Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Everest”

Recently, I watched an episode of Ashustosh Gowariker‘s “Everest” on popular Indian TV channel Star Plus, on a friend’s recommendation. I had stopped watching the channel a long time back for it is filled with daily soaps with lame and redundant stories. In fact, I began to despise all those Indian channels which telecast soaps – the ‘saas-bahu’ serials as popularly known among Indian masses. However, this new-age TV series, which has been aired on November 3, 2014, brings a fresh vibe to Indian television, a much needed one, and after watching all the episodes telecast so far, I have to admit that I am hooked to the show.

Everest-TV Series

I list five reasons why “Everest” is currently the best series on Indian television and why you should watch it. Continue reading

Robin Lord Taylor – The new face of evil as Gotham’s supervillain Penguin

For any superhero fan, the greatest moment is to see their favourite superheroes bash the bad guys using their powers and abilities.  We have grown up to support the theory that good always prevails over evil. Well, that is what has been thoroughly depicted in almost all hero-related movies or television series. We become overnight fans of any movie or television actor who brings our favourite superheroes alive.

But..sometimes villains do win. The actors portraying the villains win our hearts with their exceptional performances on the screen. And one such actor has scorched the television screen recently. He is the utterly talented Robin Lord Taylor playing Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. the Penguin, the nemesis of Batman of DC Comics, in the new FOX series ‘Gotham’.


The last time I remember watching someone bring out the look of dread on the television screen was Khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa), the savage Dothraki lord in HBO’s superhit series ‘Game of Thrones’. I mean he was scary with his terrorizing looks! But, Robin Lord Taylor has proved to be somewhat more terrifying!

Penguin and Khal Drogo

Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin6 episodes of Gotham have already made viewers wanting more of Oswald Cobblepot or I should say, Robin Lord Taylor. Every time he comes on screen, he manages to captivate them with his cold-hearted demeanour coupled with a nasty smirk. But, what floored me totally is how he speaks through his eye movements. You can almost feel evil vibes coming from them. Don’t get fooled by this seemingly cute picture of him; there is more than meets the eyes! So far in the show, the actor has expressed almost all emotions – joy, pain, grief or malice, with exceptional panache. It’s funny that he has a naturally wicked smile and it has given ample weight to his on-screen character. Isn’t it?

The PenguinI have been a Batman fan since childhood. In the Batman cartoon show on Cartoon Network, from what I had seen, my perception of The Penguin was a silly rotund man who is not much of a pain for Batman. I considered him to be a comparatively weaker villain compared to The Scarecrow or the supreme villain The Joker!

But, the producers of Gotham have heavily worked on The Penguin‘s character here, showing his gradual rise among the city’s underworld and establishing himself as a mastermind criminal. More so, what is commendable is that they have chosen the perfect actor for this role. No wonder Robin Lord Taylor has become the talk of the town now! Watch these 3 clips from the series to see why I have become a big fan of this actor. May be the villain too!



“Mhysa”- Best song of official soundtrack of Game of Thrones (Season 3)


I am a huge Game of Thrones fan!

GoT S03

The HBO TV series has garnered critical fame and acclaim throughout the globe. And this has been hugely made possible by the genius and wickedly talented Ramin Djawadi, the man behind the soundtrack of the series. Today, I downloaded the entire soundtrack of Season 3 and “Mhysa” turned out to be my favourite number in the soundtrack.

I just wish I knew Valyrian. The lyrics would have made sense. Nevertheless, I am happy to share this awesome composition!

How I can not wait till 31st March!

A few minutes back, I watched the 20th episode of the final season of How I Met Your Mother, the cult American sitcom which has earned a huge following in the build up to the final episodes. I had always wanted to write a blog post on this TV series, but then I thought it would be better to write something after the series finale on 31st March, 2014. Well, I can not wait till that day. Not after the emotions I went through after watching the 20th episode.


The episode was titled “Daisy“. At first, I was wondering whether the name referred to some ex-girlfriend of Ted Mosby or some random chick of the awesome Barney Stinson. However, as the episode unfolded, the viewers were in for a surprise, which must have have brought tears in the eyes of many! Remember the episode in which Lily and Marshall had an argument over the “Lily wanting to go to Italy” and “Marshall becoming a judge” thing and in the end, Lily storming out of the room, only to call someone up and leave the Farhampton Inn in a car. At that point of time, I though it was Ranjit who was driving that black limo. I didn’t think much about what would happen next. It was Lily after all! One minute she would be erupting like a volcano and the next minute, she would be as genial and loving as possible. In another episode, Lily swore to Ted that she can keep a secret, which she always fails to do eventually. I thought for a change, she might actually keep Ted’s plans of moving to Chicago a secret from the other members of their gang. And if that was not enough deception for the viwers, recall how Lily had asked the bartender Linus to refill her with a glass of her favourite drink every time she finishes one. To tell the truth, it was quite hilarious to watch Linus pop out of nowhere to fulfill the duty Lily paid him for!

Folks, this episode lifted the veil of all the antics Lily had been doing so far in this series! I hate to dish out spoilers for the ones who haven’t watched this episode yet. I will skip the details of the episode. The emotions are better felt while watching the episode. Towards the end of the episode, the viewers confront an adorable scene in which Marshall comes to know that Lily is pregnant with their second child. She even jokingly mentions that it might be a baby girl. I felt a lump in my throat watching the cute couple soaked in the emotions of joy. In the end of the episode, the scene shifts to Rome. Marshall and Lily converse in a humorous Italian. And then, Lily’s father comes in with little Marvin and another baby. The scene closes with Marshall looking at the baby girl and calling her “Daisy”!

Seriously, Josh Radnor wasn’t wrong to admit that shooting the final episodes of Season 9 left him in tears. Me and my friends, who are die-hard HIMYM fans, have already planned to watch the epic finale together on 31st March. I guess we have to keep a good stock of tissues along with us. Just 2 more episodes left….