October – My favourite month of the year!

Every year, as the month of September draws to a close, the ambience around me turns somewhat magical or may be I feel so! There is a beautiful fragrance of autumn that lingers in the air, inciting strong emotions in me and making me feel ecstatic! And why shouldn’t it? It’s the calling of my favourite month after all -October!

autumn-leavesWhen the tree leaves turn from hues of green and yellow to flaming red or a brownish orange and are carried away by the cool autumn breeze, I tend to revisit the golden memories of the past. People may say that the onset of autumn brings a pall of gloom, as trees shed leaves, animals prepare to go into hibernation mode, weather turns colder etc. But I think otherwise. Autumn is the time one can go into a introspective mood. Imagine yourself sitting alone on a riverside, with fallen leaves around you. A cool breeze blows. It is the perfect setting to look back into the past, recycle your mind and build new thoughts and hopes.

B'day CakeAlright, too much of philosophical talks!!! Apart from the beauty of autumn on October, this month is my favourite as it is my birth-month! And who wouldn’t look forward and be excited about his or her own birthday! There is pure joy, fun and frolic to have friends, family and well-wishers gathered around you and making you feel special.


durga maa

And furthermore, October is the month of festivities in India. And I am a total festive person! Come Durga Puja or Dusshera or Diwali in this month, my excitement reaches fever pitch! All my family members and relatives and friends come together, gift new clothes to each other and drench ourselves in the celebrations around. The atmosphere is simply electrifying in those times! And this year, I hope the picture is even bigger,brighter and colourful!


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