5 reasons to watch Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Everest”

Recently, I watched an episode of Ashustosh Gowariker‘s “Everest” on popular Indian TV channel Star Plus, on a friend’s recommendation. I had stopped watching the channel a long time back for it is filled with daily soaps with lame and redundant stories. In fact, I began to despise all those Indian channels which telecast soaps – the ‘saas-bahu’ serials as popularly known among Indian masses. However, this new-age TV series, which has been aired on November 3, 2014, brings a fresh vibe to Indian television, a much needed one, and after watching all the episodes telecast so far, I have to admit that I am hooked to the show.

Everest-TV Series

I list five reasons why “Everest” is currently the best series on Indian television and why you should watch it.

1. It is a product of veteran Indian film-director Ashutosh Gowariker: The story of “Everest” has been written by the famous director along with Mitali Mahajan, so it is bound to be a good one. The first few episodes have shown that this story is unique and is something Indian television audience have not come across before. The film-maker’s movies have the characteristic of, sometimes, being too lengthy, which many people do not like in movie halls. However, the television series has given him the freedom to present a long story without killing the interest of the viewers. In fact, it is one of the most watched shows on TV now!

2. Its music is composed by A.R.Rehman: “Everest” marks the television debut of the world-famous composer and I feel he couldn’t have chosen a better platform to introduce his brilliant music to television audience. The title track is a marvellous composition and beautifully brings out the theme of the show. If you watch the episodes, you’ll feel that the background score makes you feel positive and purposeful, and in certain emotional moments give you goosebumps!

3. It delivers a message of strength and inspiration to women: The protagonist of “Everest” – ‘Anjali Singh Rawat’ played by actress Shamata Anchan portrays the journey of a girl who undertakes the tough challenge of scaling Mount Everest in order to win the love and appreciation of her stern father, who is an Army Brigadier and is a trained mountaineer too. Her father curses his fate that he got a daughter instead of a son, and Anjali wants to prove him that she can be the son he wished for. Isn’t that inspiring?Throughout the initial episodes, she has been shown as a determined, optimistic and helpful girl who comes to NIM to fulfill her wish of climbing the highest peak on Earth. One can feel that the makers of the show want to deliver an inspiring message, through Anjali, to all women across the country that they can realize their dreams by overcoming all challenges and prejudices.

4. It teaches us to conquer our worst fears and challenges in life: We are not born courageous; everyone faces moments in life which give birth to fear inside them. But, the question is, should we live our entire life in the shadow of our fears or should we make at least an honest effort to conquer them and learn new things in the process? The show “Everest” comes with a beautiful message “Everybody has an ‘Everest’ in their life” in which the word ‘Everest’ is symbolic of our inner fears which we must conquer and the challenges which we must accomplish. This is one of the prime reason why the promos have been loved by viewers because they show the struggles of different people in overcoming their own ‘Everest’.

5. It focusses on Mountaineering as a sport: In a country which worships the game of cricket with frenzied fervour, minor sports hardly get any attention. Mountaineering, for example, is often viewed as a hobby or a passion of adventure seekers rather than as a promising sport. Only a few Indians have actually dared to scale great heights and earn admiration and respect of the countrymen. But, “Everest” has wonderfully managed to arouse interest in the sport of mountaineering among viewers by taking them to the hilly and mountainous terrain of Uttarakhand and Nepal, by showing them that climbing mountains is not only thrilling but also a liberating experience from a daily monotonous life. The show has been shot in Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, which is rated as one of the best mountaineering institutes of India. It is noteworthy that the training and teaching processes in the institute has been descriptively presented in the show, through which viewers gain a lot of knowledge about this sport.

If you want to know more about the television show, you can read the Wikipedia article: Everest (TV Series)

You can also watch this trailer to get the feel of the story and I am sure you’ll start watching the show, if you haven’t watched it yet!


5 thoughts on “5 reasons to watch Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Everest”

  1. i really love this show. The moment i saw the promo i decided to watch it and interestingly in every dialogue i found an inspiration. I can say this that it was the most inspiring thing that happened to me and it inspired me to overcome every hurdle that can come my way to acieve my everest.

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