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Hello reader, I am a 23 year-old 'happy-go-lucky' person and a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Ever since I was a little boy, I had a very creative upbringing. I am passionate about painting and take deep interest in other creative arts such as designing, music and dance. What's more, I love to write, be it fiction or poetry or simply a paragraph on any topic. I have a penchant for foreign languages and French and Japanese are my favourites. Sometimes, I also become adventurous with my Nikon Coolpix and click different sceneries of nature. I believe one human life is too short to learn about the wonderful things around us. Follow your passion, your dreams and make them happen. You can be a Jack of all trades. You can be the master of your own fate. Sometimes, I wish to grow wings. I wish to fly. I hope you like reading my blog. I will be glad to hear your valuable criticism, suggestions and advice. So feel free to give your comments. Contact me: email ID: kunal_2024@yahoo.com, Phone (mobile): +91-9706498368, Facebook ID: kunal.borah Twitter ID: KunalB24

The silent road

The jeep tracks at the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam.

Jeep tracks at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Camera: Nikon Camera S3300

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Save the street children with Montu

One cold wintry morning, when I was sleeping on the pavement, my body uncovered by a blanket to beat the chilly wind, I saw a beautiful dream.

Indian street children sleep on the pavement -Photo by Kevin Frayer (taken from www.gettyimages.in)

Indian street children sleep on the pavement -Photo by Kevin Frayer (taken from http://www.gettyimages.in)

An angel visited me. His name was Montu. In fact, I should call him Montu bhaiyya, for he addressed me as his little brother. How lovely those words sounded! After all, I don’t really have a family; my parents abandoned me when I was a little kid because they couldn’t feed me with their very little income.

Montu bhaiyya caressed my dirty hair and made me sleep on his lap. He didn’t bother about my soiled clothes or the slight stench coming off my unwashed body. He told me that he had come to help me. He said that he wants to be my voice; he wants to share my story with all the sleeping countrymen who always look down upon street children like us or do not care about our upliftment. He believed my story could wake them up,at least some of them if not all. I smiled. I decided to speak my heart out. Continue reading

Remembering a beautiful childhood with Nursery Rhymes…

BlogAdda always gives bloggers wonderful opportunities to share their stories and experiences. Since I started blogging, I have taken inspiration from the prompts given by BlogAdda; however, this time, I was in slight trouble when I came to know about this new initiative of the website, in association with Kids Hut by T-Series, in which we have to Choose 2 favourite rhyme/story from the Kids Hut collection and blog about our memories or morals that are associated with them. I am 23 years-old now and I could hardly remember anything about my preschool days, so penning this write-up would be a pretty tough challenge for me!

That’s what I thought until my mother came to my rescue. She took me on a wonderful tour to my Nursery and Kindergarten days, and revoked some delightful memories!

Let me be honest at first. I was a cry-baby in preschool. 😀 Mom reminds me I shed buckets of tears on my first day at school and she and dad had a tough time silencing me! Embarrassing for me! But, that’ s what most kids do on their first day at preschool, don’t they? However, soon, I stopped whining and took interest in the different activities of preschool. The one in which I was loved and appreciated was none other than sing Nursery rhymes in front of the whole class without any fear or shyness! May be I had to open my mouth in some way or the other. 🙂 Continue reading

5 reasons to watch Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Everest”

Recently, I watched an episode of Ashustosh Gowariker‘s “Everest” on popular Indian TV channel Star Plus, on a friend’s recommendation. I had stopped watching the channel a long time back for it is filled with daily soaps with lame and redundant stories. In fact, I began to despise all those Indian channels which telecast soaps – the ‘saas-bahu’ serials as popularly known among Indian masses. However, this new-age TV series, which has been aired on November 3, 2014, brings a fresh vibe to Indian television, a much needed one, and after watching all the episodes telecast so far, I have to admit that I am hooked to the show.

Everest-TV Series

I list five reasons why “Everest” is currently the best series on Indian television and why you should watch it. Continue reading