My top 5 favourite Bollywood movies of 2014

2014 is about to end and it has been a busy year for me in terms of watching movies. To write this post, I had waited for the release of PK because I had an inner feeling that this movie would feature in my list of favourites and I am glad I waited. This year has been filled with some great Bollywood movies and some terribly bad ones. I’ll spare the bad ones and highlight the good ones instead, so let me present you my top 5 favourite Bollywood movies of 2014.

1. Queen


Queen has to be the most beautiful movie made in Bollywood in recent times. It is one of the very few movies which actually gave me goosebumps! Who would have thought earlier that actress Kangana Ranaut could pull-off the role of Rani, the protagonist, with such flair and brilliance. But, she had mesmerized the audience with her beautiful potrayal of an independent woman who did not allow a broken marriage to pull her down and instead, learned to celebrate life in beautiful Paris and Amsterdam. You can read my blog post on the movie: Kangana Ranaut: The Queen of hearts!

2. Haider


I am a big admirer of Shakespeare’s works and Hamlet is one of my favourites. So, the Indian adaptation of the play in the form of the movie Haider necessarily aroused my interests. Shahid Kapoor‘s portrayal of the tragic hero is his most stellar performance till date. Not only Shahid, in fact veteran actors like Kay Kay Menon and Tabu brought cinematic brilliance alive on-screen. The magic about Haider is that it combined a dark story and gray characters with the picturesque white beauty of  Kashmir. Director Vishal Bharadwaj is truly the Indian Shakespeare!

3. PK


There was great hype and curiosity for the film, and Mr. PK or Perfectionist Khan i.e. Aamir Khan lived up to this repute by enacting his most different role – an alien who questions about religion and humanity. Kudos to the story writers and director Rajkumar Hirani for handling the sensitive issue of religion and presenting it in such a lovable, though-provoking and above all, humourous manner. PK is not a movie, it is education for all the blind-folded people who have lost the power to reason!

4. Highway

Highway poster

Director Imtiaz Ali made us fall in love with road journeys all over again though this movie. And I never thought being kidnapped could be a liberating experience, but budding actress Alia Bhatt showed us that it can be so…if you develop positive feelings for your kidnapper! Just like Kangana Ranaut in Queen, she wowed us all with her simple yet beautiful performance along side actor Randeep Hooda who proved that kidnappers do have a soft corner in their hearts too!

5. Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny is one of the rare Bollywood gems which breaks free from the stereotypic stories dished out every year. The movie, although not aimed for commercial success, made a good impact on many movie-lovers with its unusually quirky and hilarious story. With an ensemble cast of Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapur, and talented new-gen actors Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, this movie was a treat to watch. If you wish to know one of the reasons why I loved this movie so much, read my blog post: Bollywood re-invented: “Shake Your Bootiya” – the USP of Finding Fanny

Each of these 5 films is unique in its own way and they are testimony that Indian film directors can also be great storytellers like many of their Hollywood counterparts. What is necessary is that Indian audience learn to appreciate such movies and accept them with welcoming hearts. As a lover of movies with great story and acting, I wish that 2015 helps me make a longer list of favourite movies at the end of the year!


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