Remembering a beautiful childhood with Nursery Rhymes…

BlogAdda always gives bloggers wonderful opportunities to share their stories and experiences. Since I started blogging, I have taken inspiration from the prompts given by BlogAdda; however, this time, I was in slight trouble when I came to know about this new initiative of the website, in association with Kids Hut by T-Series, in which we have to Choose 2 favourite rhyme/story from the Kids Hut collection and blog about our memories or morals that are associated with them. I am 23 years-old now and I could hardly remember anything about my preschool days, so penning this write-up would be a pretty tough challenge for me!

That’s what I thought until my mother came to my rescue. She took me on a wonderful tour to my Nursery and Kindergarten days, and revoked some delightful memories!

Let me be honest at first. I was a cry-baby in preschool. 😀 Mom reminds me I shed buckets of tears on my first day at school and she and dad had a tough time silencing me! Embarrassing for me! But, that’ s what most kids do on their first day at preschool, don’t they? However, soon, I stopped whining and took interest in the different activities of preschool. The one in which I was loved and appreciated was none other than sing Nursery rhymes in front of the whole class without any fear or shyness! May be I had to open my mouth in some way or the other. 🙂

There were many Nursery rhymes which I loved to sing when I was a little kid. In fact, I hum some of them even now simply for the reason that I still shelter that ‘little kid’ inside me. Can’t let go off the beautiful childhood! If I have to choose 2 favourites among them, then they have to these:

1. Johny Johny Yes Papa

This nursery rhyme is undoubtedly one of the most favourite songs among all kids. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that even grown-ups love this song, especially when they see kids enact it. I remember when I was in Nursery school, I had taken an instant liking to this song, and every evening, when mom and dad would make me sit on either one of their laps, I would enact this song. As I write this, a smile lights up on my face as I recall how dad would say, “Open your mouth”  and I would laugh out heartily “Ha Ha Ha” and hug him tightly!

2. Old MacDonald Had A Farm

If anybody asks my preschool teachers what made me popular in class and especially, the Annual Function, they would immediately mention my enactment of this nursery rhyme with vivid expressions and mom says my act was a superhit in family get-togethers. I used to brighten up the ambience by acting like the animals in the song and with my rendition of the “EIEIO”! I find it really surprising that I used to perform in front of so many people at that little age without being shy or scared, and tell me to sing a song now, I would think twice before letting a tune out! Not that I sing bad, it’s just that I am a shyer person now!

Ah! I wish I could be a little kid again.

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