Get spooked with my Halloween masks!


It’s a tradition for many people to celebrate Halloween by donning weird, scary and funny costumes. Some people also wear masks which look like ghosts, wraiths, demons or beasts. Unfortunately, I stay in the part of the world where Halloween is almost an alien concept to the people. Thanks to movies, TV series and of course, Harry Potter that I am a big fan of this festival!

Something is wrong with me today. I think I have been possessed by evil spirits or I am under the hocus-pocus of some evil witch. Hahaha! 😀 Or else why I would suddenly decide to make frightening masks using insane ideas from cartoon shows I have grown up watching.

Jokes apart! So here are 3 masks which I have made using Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop CS5. I tried my best to make them really terrifying, so that anyone who wishes to wear them can scare the hell out of others! I will be really glad to hear your opinions on them, and I will be happier if you actually print the masks, cut them out and wear them in the spirit of Halloween and post your pictures on my Facebook page. The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas

Mask 1

Mask 2

Mask 3

Happy Halloween folks! Don’t roam outside for long. Witches shall take you for dinner.  😀


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