The 100th post: Celebrations and a journey to the past

The number 100 is a special number in our lives. We all have some special moments which get associated with the century mark. We celebrate the 100th birthday of our parents, or grandparents in a grand manner, if they live up to that age, and we wish them many more healthy years. We celebrate 100 days of a successful relationship, or friendship or any other work or some association. We celebrate the century of our favourite cricketers or the 100th victory of a sportsperson. We even celebrate 100 likes on our Facebook updates! In fact, there are so many ways we celebrate a century.

100 posts

And today is my day of celebration! Today I write the 100th post in my blog. This may be a very small celebration compared to others, but it means a lot to me. A few days ago, when I was pondering what to write for the 100th post, I hit a roadblock, not because I was short of ideas, but a torrent of different topics filled my mind. I was unable to come to a proper decision, so I sought the help of the readers of my blog. I created a poll asking the readers to vote for the category on which they would like me to write my 100th post. The initial votes were in favour of ‘Fiction’ and ‘Photography’. Honestly speaking, I was a bit worried as I didn’t want to write a story or post a photo for my 100th post. I really wanted to write something on a personal level, something to connect with the readers and share my story, which was possible only if majority votes were cast for the categories ‘Musings’ or ‘Memories’. I waited for sometime. And today, I am writing this post according to the wishes of my blog’s readers. A big thanks to everyone who voted and a special thanks to those readers who voted for the categories I wished for. Thanks a lot.


Since equal votes have been given for ‘Musings’ and ‘Memories’, I am sharing something which reflects the essence of both these categories. I want to share with you a small incident which propelled me towards reading serious novels, creative writing and especially blogging.

People, who know me well, often ask me what inspired or prompted me towards literature because I wasn’t so keen about reading novels or writing during school days. But I loved reading other books, especially comics and a set of 20 Volume Children’s Britannica, from which I learnt so many stuff. Occasionally, I used to read books of Famous Five series or The Secret Seven series. Sometimes, I used to write poems but they were really horrible by poetry standards. I better not discuss about them! However, this particular incident changed my perception and interest regarding  the world of literature, and eventually, helped me become a blogger.

It was the day in the year 2010 when the results of CBSE Class 12 board exams were announced. I was expecting good marks in all the subjects. But, fate had other plans for me. When the results were displayed on my computer screen, my heart broke into pieces. I had scored excellent marks in all subjects except English. Out of 100 marks, I scored only 69. I say ‘only’ because it was the poorest English marks I had scored in my entire academic life in school. I used to write well, my teachers themselves believed I could score above 90 and my board exam was pretty good. But 69 baffled me! It was something I never imagined; in fact, I still don’t. This incident turned into a wound, which is till fresh and the pain it gives me has become a driving force. Instead of lamenting over a lost cause, I promised myself that if my English actually has some flaws for which I probably got low marks, then I would have to work hard to improve it, to remove the shortcomings and finally to master it. In the four years of college I spent after 2010, I watched a lot of English movies and TV series, which I hadn’t done before; I read books like a voracious reader and took my writing seriously by contributing articles for magazines, newspapers and journals. I began to work with people with similar interests, learning how to improve my writing and overall, my literary tastes. I immersed myself totally in any medium which could help me improve my English.

And in 2013, I stumbled upon the world of blogging. My mark of achievement of this hard work is my blog “The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas“. 4 years back, I was easily intimidated when I was told to write something, be it a story or an article or a report. I was not confident about my English and my writing skills. But, today, I am able to maintain this blog with posts which many readers have loved and appreciated. In this one and a half year journey as a blogger, I have truly benefitted from the association with the websites Indiblogger and BlogAdda. They have given me opportunities to improve my work and connect with different bloggers across India and the world. Thank you Indiblogger and BlogAdda.

The 100th post  is a momentous one for me, and I consider it as a stepping stone for better things to come in the future. Blogging has opened up a new world of possibilities for me and I immensely rejoice this new life blogging, books and writing has offered me.

To know more about “The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas”, you can read these two posts I wrote earlier.

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Once again, I thank you for your reading my blog and I hope you will continue to show your love and support for my blog. I shall strive to make this relationship between scribe and reader better and richer everyday. 🙂


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