What if Jamaicans turned into zombies!

The Internet is filled with memes nowadays. While some memes are sensibly hilarious, others are outrageous! Today, I came across this funny and a rather thought-provoking meme on Facebook. Just imagine – what if Jamaicans, or Usain Bolt (in picture) – the current fastest man on Earth turn into zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse

Our knowledge of zombies, as seen in movies mostly, are slow-walking dead creatures who thrive on human flesh. Be it movies like Resident EvilDawn of the Dead or Warm Bodies, or popular TV series as Walking Dead, zombies have always been a subject of terror and disgust, to some extent. But many a times, their actions are funny, their sloppy walking and awkward expressions, as seen in the movie Warm Bodies seemed adorable!

Anyways, coming down to the point. Imagine if Jamaicans, who are famous for their athletic skills, turn into zombies, supposedly in the context of a zombie apocalypse! The whole definition of a zombie would change. People would have to run helter-skelter and chances are you won’t escape a zombie bite. How could you? If Usain Bolt can run 100 metres in around 9 point something seconds, you can pretty much bet that his fellow countrymen can clock nearby speeds too. And the average human beings can run the same distance in about 30 seconds! Doomed!

Damn. No chance of escape, unless you are rescued by the superhero Flash of DC Comics. Flash, by the way, is the fastest man on Earth. Wish he was real!

Disclaimer: This post is inspired by an Internet meme and the author does not intend to hurt anybody’s sentiments. It is written with a good heart and to tickle the funny bone only! Peace. 🙂


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