Get spooked with my Halloween masks!



It’s a tradition for many people to celebrate Halloween by donning¬†weird, scary and funny costumes. Some people also wear masks which look like ghosts, wraiths, demons or beasts. Unfortunately, I stay in the part of the world where Halloween is almost an alien concept to the people. Thanks to movies, TV series and of course, Harry Potter that I am a big fan of this festival!

Something is wrong with me today. I think I have been possessed by evil spirits or I am under the hocus-pocus of some evil witch. Hahaha! ūüėÄ Or else why I would suddenly decide to make frightening masks using insane ideas from cartoon shows I have grown up watching.

Jokes apart! So here are 3 masks which I have made using Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop CS5. I tried my best to make them really terrifying, so that anyone who wishes to wear them can scare the hell out of others! I will be really glad to hear your opinions on them, and I will be happier if you actually print the masks, cut them out and wear them in the spirit of Halloween and post your pictures on my Facebook page. The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas

Mask 1

Mask 2

Mask 3

Happy Halloween folks! Don’t roam outside for long. Witches shall take you for dinner.¬† ūüėÄ

Robin Lord Taylor – The new face of evil as Gotham’s supervillain Penguin

For any superhero fan, the greatest moment is to see their favourite superheroes bash the bad guys using their powers and abilities.  We have grown up to support the theory that good always prevails over evil. Well, that is what has been thoroughly depicted in almost all hero-related movies or television series. We become overnight fans of any movie or television actor who brings our favourite superheroes alive.

But..sometimes villains do win. The¬†actors portraying the villains¬†win our hearts with their exceptional performances on the screen. And one such actor¬†has scorched the television¬†screen recently. He is the utterly talented¬†Robin Lord Taylor playing¬†Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. the Penguin, the nemesis of Batman of DC Comics, in the new FOX series¬†‘Gotham’.


The last time I remember watching someone bring out the look of dread¬†on the television screen was Khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa), the savage Dothraki lord in HBO’s superhit series¬†‘Game of Thrones’. I mean he was scary with his terrorizing looks! But, Robin Lord Taylor has proved to be somewhat more terrifying!

Penguin and Khal Drogo

Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin6 episodes of Gotham have already made viewers wanting more of Oswald Cobblepot or I should say, Robin Lord Taylor. Every time he comes on screen, he manages to captivate them with his cold-hearted demeanour coupled with a nasty smirk. But, what floored me totally is how he speaks through his eye movements. You can almost feel evil vibes coming from them. Don’t get fooled by this seemingly cute picture of him; there is more than meets the eyes!¬†So far in the show, the actor has expressed almost all emotions – joy, pain, grief or malice, with exceptional panache. It’s funny that he has a naturally wicked smile and it has given ample weight to his on-screen character. Isn’t it?

The PenguinI have been a Batman fan since childhood. In the Batman cartoon show on Cartoon Network, from what I had seen, my perception of The Penguin was a silly rotund man who is not much of a pain for Batman. I considered him to be a comparatively weaker villain compared to The Scarecrow or the supreme villain The Joker!

But, the producers of Gotham have heavily worked on The Penguin‘s character here, showing his gradual¬†rise among the city’s underworld and establishing himself as a mastermind criminal. More so, what is commendable is that they have chosen the perfect actor for this role. No wonder Robin Lord Taylor has become the talk of the town now! Watch these¬†3 clips from the series to see why I have become a¬†big fan of this actor. May be the villain too!



“When artistic flair speaks” – A review of Matrikas Paper Products


Almost 2 weeks ago, one of my¬†blogger friends had suggested that I should participate in¬†“Scribble your heart away‚Ķ.” Campaign by Matrikas Paper Products. Initially, I was reluctant to take up the offer as the objective was to write a creative review of the products which would be sent to the blogger’s address and¬†I had nil experience of reviewing products. But, I thought later that life is about taking new challenges and learning new things in the process. So I filled the form in the Facebook page of ¬†Matrikas Paper Products.¬†I have been maintaining personal diaries since the sixth standard, so when asked what my favourite paper stationery is, I wholeheartedly mentioned my love for¬†Diaries and Journals.

A few days later, a huge surprise landed at my doorstep. I say huge because the package was quite big. My parents asked me with a ‘not again’ tone what I had ordered now, for I am an impulsive online shopper! But, as I opened the package, I was completely spellbound.¬†Matrikas had sent me 4 beautiful products – 2 journals and 2 notebooks, along with a personal letter, all the way from Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. However, I was so busy with the festivities of Durga Puja at that time that I could not sit down to write about them. All these days since Dussehra, my mind was cooking different ideas on how to present the four products. And finally, I am able to present you a detailed review of the four amazing paper stationery!

Matrikas Paper Products

On a humorous note, the red pen you see in the pictures is not a freebie. It’s my favourite Parker pen and it makes the pictures glamorous!

1. Cube Works Elite Journal

Product Code: CW-E-JRNL-A5-BLACK


The journal is of size A5¬†(147 x¬†205 mm) and has 256 ruled pages. These¬†256 pages¬†include¬†a ‘Personal Memoranda’ page, 6 ‘Index’ pages, 3 ‘To do’ pages (Books to be read, Works to be accomplished, Places to be visited), 2 pages for ‘Names and Address’ of your important contacts, 15¬†pages for writing your ‘Action Plan’ for work ¬†and 12 pages to maintain your ‘Expenses’. Thus, the overall utility of the books is mostly for official, academic and private business purposes. The journal is equipped with a satin page marker and an elastic strap¬†,which is very sturdy and¬†can be used for locking the journal safely. The binding is good, ¬†paper quality is excellent and single colour layout of the pages is very neat. (The papers are white.¬†Pardon me for the bluish tinge!)

Cube Works Journal

What I love about the journal: 

The journal has a very classy and sophisticated look. The black hard-bound cover may look very simple in the first glance, but if you observe closely, you will notice that it is debossed with intricate and beautiful designs. I really appreciate the brains behind the concept of this design work.
DSCN0582-001On the inside of the back cover, there is a safety pouch which can be used by professional people to keep important small-sized documents. But, I am not a working professional, just a student and I really like this journal and want to use it. So I thought how I should use this pouch. Then, I remembered I love collecting greeting cards and putting them inside my diaries.

2. Mother Teresa Journal


Mother Teresa  Journal

This standard sized¬†(172 x 240 mm) journal has 224 pages and includes a¬†‘Personal Memoranda’ page, a two page Biography on Mother Teresa,¬†3 ‘To do’ pages (Books to be read, Works to be accomplished, Places to be visited) and 12 ¬†‘Monthly Planner’¬†pages. This journal can be used for all purposes – academic, official, business or personal. It also has a Satin page marker¬†and a page with a personal label. The binding is good,¬†paper quality is excellent and the ruled¬†pages are neat. (Once again, I beg your pardon for the bluish tinge.¬†My editing skills are poor.)

Mother Teresa Journal

What I love about the journal: 

Mother Teresa advocated the importance of peace for the good of humanity. Her mild and soft-spoken nature has been brought out in the velvety hard-bound cover filled with engravings that are soft to touch.. Mother Teresa seems to speak in volumes through this journal!

Mother Teresa  Journal

This journal has been beautifully designed in comforting shades of blue and white, the colours synonymous with the great personality. Blue is my favourite colour and I love the simple yet elegant blue-coloured designs on the spine of the journal.

Mother Teresa  Journal

The best feature of this journal are the wonderful quotes of the personality mentioned at the bottom of every ruled page. As I flipped through the pages, one heart-warming quote caught my eyes.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create¬†many¬†ripples.”

Notice the ripple I made using the satin page marker.

Mother Teresa  Journal

3. Toss and Nrut 6 Subject Note Book

Product Code: 6 SUB-A4-A

6 Subject Note Book

A note book is one of the essential belongings of a student, be it in school or college. This A4 sized ruled (210 x 295 mm) notebook has 288 pages. It has been made to cater to 6 subjects, so it has 5 colour pages to divide the pages into six equal sets of pages. The binding is good and the pages are made of excellent paper quality and are very neat and spacious.

6 Subject Notebook

 What I love about the journal: 

This notebook is one of the most beautiful note books I have seen so far. It is best-suited for imaginative and playful kids. The shades of metallic green impart a magical touch to the notebook. You can see adorable images of snakes, trees, flowers and cows on the inside of the front cover. Does this purple-coloured cobra on the back cover remind you of some magical beast in some movie or book?

6 Subject Note Book

6 Subject Note Book

The hard-bound front cover¬†has a snakes and ladders game, one of the popular games everyone loves to play in their leisurely hours. The inside of the back cover has a brief description and the set of rules about this game.¬†Isn’t this a perfect way to kill boredom at the study table?

6 Subject Note Book

4. 5 Subject Note Book

Product Code: 5 SUB-PRE-STD-D

5 Subject Notebook

This standard-sized (172 x 240 mm) 5 Subject Note Book has 400 pages, and similar to the 6 Subject Note Book, the pages have been divided into equal sets of pages by 4 coloured pages. The paper quality is excellent, the ruled pages have a neat layout and the binding of the pages is good.

5 Subject Notebook

What I love about the journal: 

The hard-bound front and back covers have a stunning artwork done on them in a metallic silver colour. Being an artist, I was totally captivated by the modern artwork. You can see that all the elements have emerged from a spray can, like an artist trying to spray his art on a black canvas, producing an excellent visual appeal.

5 Subject Notebook


All the four products are beautiful creations of Matrikas. I had not come across such intricately designed paper products before. I wish I had owned Matrikas journals, diaries and notebooks while in school or college. Thank you Matrikas for giving me happiness in the form of these lovely creative journals and notebooks. My heartfelt gratitude in this 5 Subject Note Book shows my love for your products. I would look forward to owning more products from your creative heaven. Keep surprising us with your designs!

5 Subject Notebook


To know about Matrikas, visit their website.

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