Navratri Day 4: Worshipping Devi Kushmanda through artwork


Devi  (or Goddess) Kushmanda is fourth among the nine embodiments of Goddess Durga and is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri.

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This is the coloured sketch, I made, of Goddess Kushmanda .


The name of the Goddess Kushmanda has an interesting origin: ‘Ku’ means a little; ‘ushma’ means ‘warmth’ and ‘anda’ means ‘the cosmic egg’. According to Hindu mythology, She created the world at a time when there was eternal darkness all around. When the Goddess  smiled gently and radiated her aura, the universe was created.

She is depicted in a radiant form, her aura matching to that of the Sun’s luminous intensity. Her complexion is golden and her face produces a gentle smile. She has eights hands which hold diverse items:  Kamandal (water utensil) ,bow, arrow, a jar of Amrit (nectar), chakra (discus), Gada (mace),a lotus, and  a rosary. Her mount is the tiger.

Today, the air reverberates with the Sanskrit verses in reverence to the Goddess.

Ya devi sarva bhutesu, Kushmanda rupena sansthita
Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo namaha!

(in English)

The goddess who is omnipresent as the divine Kushmanda .
I bow to her, I bow to her, I bow to her again & again.

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