The Promise of the Last Petal

Yesterday, I watched the most heartbreaking yet beautiful movie of 2014 “The Fault in Our Stars” and I was utterly moved, almost to tears. The movie evoked in me strong emotions about human sorrow and love, that entwines our lives so deeply, and we are simply overwhelmed by those emotions. No emotion is stronger than the sorrow of losing a loved one, especially to a disease “Cancer” which, if not diagnosed and treated properly, numbers the days of the patient and slowly takes him or her away from the loved ones. The movie inspired me to write a short poem.

Stock Photo of a Hand Picking daisy Petals

She looked outside,

Through the misty pane;

The eyes uncertain, if…

Her life was on the wane,

Or the doctored hope,

That she will live,

With the numbing pain.

She held the daisy,

A gift from Mamma,

With fondling fingers,

Stroking the petals,

Innocent and white,

And counted only four,

The months that remain.

She closed her eyes,

Her cold breath standstill,

A promise spawning,

Deep within the heart, that,

“When the last petal falls,

And my world turns white,

I shall smile again.”


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