Animal contours – Map of America!

I am beginning to let my imagination run wild, because I have started noticing animal outlines in different shapes and things. Just a day ago, I blogged about how you can find out the contour of a wolf’s face in the dark patches of a full moon. And today, another funny revelation caught my eyes!

I was cleaning my bookshelf when my Geography textbook of ninth standard fell on the ground from a pile of books. It landed with its pages open. The page showed the world map but from my point of view, the map was rotated counter-clockwise from the usual manner in which we read the map. Strangely, I spotted a shape as I looked closely at the maps of North and South America. I was dumbfounded!

Look at the original map.


And now, look at what I saw.  A duckling?

America 2


This post is not meant to offend the people of North and South America.  Apologies if anybody is hurt. I just wished to share what my imagination let me see. Peace!  🙂


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