Is Rajkumar Hirani’s PK inspired by the American TV series Kyle XY ?

It has been barely 2 days since the launch of first look of Aamir Khan’s to-be-released movie PK and the Internet universe has already exploded in reaction. The 49 year-old actor’s “bare-devil” act in the movie poster, where he is seen completely nude with just a transistor covering his manhood, has created a stir among his fans as well as the social media.


As I browsed through various websites covering the news and reactions of the people related to the poster, I came across quite interesting interpretations and humorous guesses on what Aamir’s role in the movie could be. But, one sentence actually caught my attention and aroused interest in me: “Reports have been doing the round that Aamir is playing the role of an alien, who lands on earth and since he is from another world, he doesn’t know what to wear.

It took only a few seconds for me to stumble upon the thought that P.K. might just be heavily inspired from the American science fiction television series “Kyle XY“. Kyle XY is a story that revolves around the life of a teenage boy who awakens ‘naked‘ in a forest with no knowledge or abilities of a human being, and later is adopted by a family and named Kyle. Throughout the series, Kyle is shown possessing an extraordinarily gifted mind and abilities, and the viewers often get probable hints of his alien origin.

Now, if you look closely at Aamir’s face in the poster, he seems to have pointed ears, raised eyebrows, staring eyes and a weird expression. So, what if Aamir Khan actually essays the role of an alien from another world in space and lands on earth accidentally. What if the transistor he holds is a communication device with which he can converse with the beings on earth (that include birds, insects and every living thing!). What if he is adopted by an Indian family and taught to be a human.

My imagination seems to go wild!




7 thoughts on “Is Rajkumar Hirani’s PK inspired by the American TV series Kyle XY ?

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  2. Kyle was actually a science experiment, a clone of Adam Baylin, who escaped from the lab. So not actually an alien. But, PK looks like it might be interesting.


    • Yeah, Kyle was actually a clone of Adam Baylin, but throughout the series, he was doubted to be from outer space. Hence I made the inference. PK is garnering a lot of interest I see!


  3. it’s an interesting interpretation but according to Wikipedia, it is a satire on God and Godmen, I think this poster is metaphorically telling about the fraud these godmen are and how they make a fool of us, taking money in donations, like stripping us naked, benefiting from our crisis and helplessness… 🙂 but I will be glad seeing a Sci-Fi…. 😀


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