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55 Fiction: The victorious survival

“Hello Maria, my old friend”, said the woman as she looked at the photograph of a bald lady with a sickly face.

Tears began to flow down her eyes.

It has been a year since she survived breast cancer. She gently stroked her shoulder-length hair and smiled.

Maria D’souza now feels reborn and enjoys life everyday.

Breast cancer ribbon

This post is dedicated to those thousands of women who have fought breast cancer and have survived it. Salute to their spirit!

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Bollywood re-invented: “Shake Your Bootiya” – the USP of Finding Fanny


Finding Fanny

When you start thinking, or rather I should say lamenting, that Bollywood is all about “Copy and Paste” and “Same ordinary dish served on a new plate“, you are suddenly hit by something totally unprecedented. And that punch is nothing less than marvellous! Yes, I am talking about the recently-released song “Shake Your Bootiya” from the upcoming Bollywood movie Finding Fanny directed by Homi Adajania of ‘Cocktail’ fame!

The “Fanny Re” song which was released earlier opens with the statutory warning  “None of these characters behave like this in the film Finding Fanny or in real life…Don’t ask!”. As if the bizarre, ridiculous and insane actions of the five characters weren’t enough in the music video, which had grabbed many eyeballs once it released, the new song “Shake Your Bootiya” can be claimed to cause people’s eyeballs to pop out of their sockets!

The music video of this new song has been filmed and presented to us in the most unexpected way. It shows Angie (played by actress Deepika Padukone) lying on the floor and looking at a doll house where puppet-like cutouts of the film’s characters, including her, are kept in six different rooms. I wondered what would happen next. And lo! One by one, all the five characters come to life and get their bodies grooving with the beats. I began to smile, which soon turned into a laughter as the ‘mad five’ (I think they should be called that after watching this video) began to shake their booty (lovingly called ‘bootiya‘ in the song) in an absolutely hilarious manner! Funnier are the expressions of Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur, Dimple Kapadia, Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone; everyone of them have stolen the limelight with their exceptional performance . I bet you can’t stop laughing once you watch them in this quirky video.

Kudos to the brains behind both the music videos. They have managed to offer us something that proves that Bollywood can also come up with ‘out of the box’ thinking and entertain us in ways we haven’t seen or thought before. This movie may not be a ‘100 crore hit’ which has become a custom now, but it will set the path for other film-makers to be adventurous, courageous and tread new paths in making off-beat movies and music alike. I wish Finding Fanny emerges as a super-hit at the box office!

Watch the “Shake Your Bootiya” video here and have a laugh riot!

Harmony with nature: House to Home makeover!

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

The quote by famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, in simple words, tells us the importance of simple and clean living which should be in perfect harmony with nature. The 21st century human being’s life has turned mundane and programmed; there is a dearth of mental peace and physical comfort in his or her life. It is because we have distanced ourselves from nature and this disconnection has seeped into our homes too. The above quote highlights three elements – sunshine, freedom and flower, which, I believe, can easily be incorporated into our homes. ‘Sunshine’ is the brightness and positivity, ‘freedom’ comes from open and well-ventilated spaces and ‘flowers’ or ‘leaves’ bring in a much-needed refreshing vibe to the ambience.

If I have to give my home a ‘contemporary’ look, I would definitely draw inspiration from nature itself. To keep minimal colours on the walls, I would paint them in ‘light beige‘ so that it combines well with the three items I have chosen from “” to give my home a beautiful makeover:

1. Swayam Boutique Collection 3 pieces Bedroom Set – BTQ03 – Nautica

Swayam Boutique

This absolutely beautiful collection of bedsheets, duvet covers and pillow covers caught my eyes because they are in my favourite colours – blue and green, and aptly relate to the theme of ‘nature’ that I have chosen for my room. The subtle shades of blue give a soothing feel and should calm a tensed mind immediately. The rectangular patterns are simple and the slight detailing work on the borders of the duvet cover and pillow covers are pleasing to the eyes. I shall place the bed on the eastern part of the room to allow maximum morning sunlight that brightens the room and I am sure, together with the light-coloured walls, this bedroom set should bring vibrancy and positivity in the room.

2. Alkemi Decor Graphical Murals/ Posters Pattern 107

Alkemi Mural

Whenever we wake up on our beds in the morning, the first sight we see sets our mood for the day. The sights of chirping of birds in the early morning hours and lush-green vegetation, through the windows, instantly cheer us up and bring a smile on our faces. I would definitely like to add this visually-appealing element to my home. For this purpose, a medium size “Alkemi Decor Graphical Murals/ Posters Pattern 107″ is the perfect choice! I shall put it on the wall of the living room where all members of the family can see it. The colourful, cute and smiling birds and comforting shades of green vegetation shall be the instant rejuvenating dose they require in the morning. Moreover, the image of flying birds portray freedom and independence, and keeps the mind away from negativity. Being a person who loves painting, this poster should also inspire me to take my art closer to nature.

3. Alkemi Decor Door Skin Pattern 5

Alkemi Door Skin

The concept of door skins is new for me and using them to decorate my home makes me excited. I shall apply the “Alkemi Decor Door Skin Pattern 5″ on the doors of my home because it has elements close to nature – water and leaves. Besides that, the two paper boats floating on the water and the rainbow in the backdrop together have a calming effect on the mind.

Ah! I wish my dream home becomes a reality soon.

The photos have been taken from the website “” and the links to each item have been given below:

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