Satan calling ?

The incident which I will share now is probably the most puzzling and scary incident that has happened in my life, until now. I still find it hard to fathom the strangeness associated with that incident. The mere thought of what occurred to me on the night of 25th August, 2010 gives me a chill, and sends my mind into a tizzy. I have shared this story with many friends, and every single of them stared at me in awe and  fear, while I narrated it!

Here goes my tale of survival on that bizarre night…

The date was 25th August, 2010.

It hadn’t been a month since I joined college as a freshman. The past 3 weeks were absorbed in getting adjusted to a new life away from the comforts of home, and acclimatizing to the hostel life. But, those days were fun! New friends, new environment, ‘new’ (bad) hostel food about which there were daily complaints and a life to live all by yourself. Every night, after dinner, I and my hostel mates used to gather in one of the rooms and engross ourselves in all sorts of talks related to sports, movies, high schools crushes and what not!

That night, after a bland dinner, I and my friends wound up in my room and began a discussion on the fate of Indian sports.  The time was 10:30 pm. We talked continuously for around 2 hours. In between, some boys had left as they found that the discussion wasn’t turning out to be fruitful. Even I was bored to a little extent but I couldn’t let it show on my face. I was the host after all.

The clock ticked at 12:30 a.m. It was past midnight.

The boys decided to end the discussion and retire to bed. I let out a long yawn; I was feeling damn sleepy. Withing 15 minutes or so, I brushed my teeth and lay down on my bed. And I didn’t realize when my eyes closed and I was fast asleep.

It was pitch dark in my room. I struggled to open my eyes and checked the time on my cellphone kept near the pillow. The glare of the cellphone screen hurt my eyes, yet I could see it was 2:36 am. For a moment, I thought, “Why am I awake now?” And soon, the scene was pitch black again. Perhaps I had fallen asleep…..

Did I really fall asleep?

I was sitting on the edge of the roof of my hostel. There was a cold breeze blowing and it brought slight goosebumps on my skin. I looked up at the sky. It was clear, cloudless and full of stars. It looked beautiful. Suddenly, I noticed a surreal white glow on my legs, from my knees up to the feet. Was something wrong with my legs?

Feet at night

The light seemed to come from a flashlight held either above or behind me.  And the next moment, the light turned into a bright spot and began to make a to and fro motion on both my legs. Within a few seconds, the light was circling around me. What was going on? Nothing was comprehensible to me at that instant of time. I looked up to see whether the light was coming from some hovering source above. There was nothing. Silly me! I thought there would be some UFO studying me.

For a few minutes, my eyes danced along with the constantly circling light. Slowly, the breeze turned stronger and  icy. I  suddenly realized where I was. Until then, I had no idea that I was actually sitting at a place, where the slightest push would send me hurling down two stories to the ground. I noticed the light again. It stopped moving and was placed on my legs again. All of a sudden, it began to flicker as if someone was alternately switching the flashlight on and off. I felt pure fear at that moment! Thankfully, my senses had returned. Something was not right. I was in a very wrong place at a very wrong time. I couldn’t dare to look behind, fearing what may stand behind me. Rather, what I could do was invoke the Almighty’s name, and dashed towards the staircase.

I rushed down the stairs, reached my room and bolted the door from inside. Back in my room, I found my room-mate sound asleep. Was he awake when I moved out of the room towards the terrace? He ought to know. I felt an urge to wake him up and talk about what happened. But I was too scared at that time. I decided it would be better to go to sleep. I climbed on my bed. As I lay my head on the pillow, I saw my cellphone. I hadn’t taken it while I was on the terrace. I checked the time. It was 3:15 am. Speaking a silent prayer, I soon went to sleep.

Later, I came to know that 3 am is called the Devil’s Hour.

3 am

And I am lucky to be alive today…

But one question still haunts my mind. What was that strange white light?


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