Kangana Ranaut: The Queen of hearts!

If you do not want to watch Queen, you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. So change your mind!

If you have not watched Queen yet, go and watch it as soon as possible…and stop reading further. (You may read it after watching it!)

If you have watched Queen and did not like it, may God bless you! 😦

If you have watched Queen and loved it like I did, may God bless you! 🙂

The last time Kangana Ranaut got me hooked to the movie screen was way back in 2008 in the movie Fashion.

And today, she has won my heart again in the movie Queen.


If, in Fashion, she played the role of a successful yet turbulent supermodel Shonali Gujral, who sank into a chasm of alcoholism and drugs, then in Queen, she essayed the very opposite character of a refreshingly simple woman Rani Mehra who lives life in an endearing manner that  makes you fall in love with her character. Watch the trailer of Queen to believe it.

Talking about the movie, the name of the movie is kept simple: “Queen” and likewise, the characters, screenplay, cinematography, music, choreography etc. have been kept at a bare minimum, which surprisingly works for the audience unlike a typical Bollywood movie, which is sometimes served with unnecessary spice, that rather leaves a bad taste in your mouth. After watching Queen today, I feel lighter, calmer and most importantly happier, in a certain surreal manner! There was absolute magic in this movie; something which has not been seen or felt in any Bollywood movie for quite a long time. I am no movie critic nor do I intend to write a lengthy review of the movie. The joy of watching Queen can not be described in mere words; it has to be only experienced through the visual and auditory senses. However, I will share my favourite 5  wonderful aspects about the movie, which touched me to the core.

1. Kangana Ranaut: Queen is Kangana; Queen is all about Kangana! No doubt the director Vikas Bahl wrote the movie script with Kangana in his mind as I believe, no other Bollywood actress could essay the adorable character of Rani Mehra with the panache yet simplicity as Kangana did. She was quite a revelation! There was not a slight trace of overacting and the dialogue delivery was believable and touched the hearts of all. It is strange that in a recent interview, the 26 year-old actress hinted that she might consider quitting acting. Oh Kangana! Please do not even think about it. You have won so many hearts with Queen that people have actually termed you as the next queen of Bollywood. Rani Mehra after Rani Mukherji! Sounds great.

2. Rani Mehra: Seldom has Bollywood brought out such a wonderful character like Rani Mehra. A typical middle-class Delhi girl, who is set for a lavish marriage, should have been devastated after the marriage was called off by the groom. That was the expected outcome if we consider all the typical Bollywood stories we have watched so far. May be she would have gone on some revenge path or some childhood love pops out of nowhere and saves the marriage. But, Rani (Queen) is different. Kudos to Vikas Bahl for writing this character, who, instead, takes the unexpected route of travelling to her honeymoon destination Paris and Amsterdam, all by herself, and in the process, rediscovers herself and liberates herself, at every step, from the psychological bondage that her fiance imposes on her. Her moments with Vijayalakshmi (portrayed by the gorgeous Lisa Haydon) is a sheer pleasure to watch, especially in the scene when she narrates her life story, in a drunken state. There was so much humour and purity in her words! Later, she befriends a group of men – one Russian, one French and one Japanese in an Amsterdam hostel and together, with them, she begins a new adventure. I felt so much joy to watch Rani bond with the trio and make her place in their hearts. Above all, what is really inspiring, lovable and worth mentioning is that Rani maintained her simplicity and Indian roots, even on foreign lands. She had never submitted herself to foreign culture like what the modern Indian youth does. The audience could aptly connect with her because she showed the same emotions any normal Indian would feel in a foreign country.

3. Paris: Talking about a foreign country, one does not simply shoot a movie in Paris and not let the viewer fall in love with the city of Romance. The excellent cinematography of Queen transports the viewer into the well-laid boulevards and streets of Paris, interspersed with classy restaurants and boutiques. The breathtaking shot of Eiffel Tower shimmering with the night sky as a backdrop is a visual treat. J’aime Paris!

4. Lisa Haydon: Queen belongs wholeheartedly to Kangana Ranaut. But it would be vile on my part to not give due credit and special mention to Lisa Haydon. The lanky beauty, who played the character of Vijayalakshmi – a hotel attendant in a Paris hotel ,  added an extra flavour to Rani’s Parisian adventures by giving her the company that any stranded Indian would seek from a fellow Indian on a foreign land.  I really loved Lisa’s screen presence; her dialogues in English and French were perfect, and she brought the right dose of oomph quotient for the male eye! (with special reference to the video chat scene with Rani’s brother and father) (giggles) 🙂

5. The awesome trio of Mish Boyko, Jeffrey Ho and Joseph Guitobh: Kudos to Vikas Bahl again for bringing together 3 guys from different nationalities – Mish as the Russian Alexander which Rani mispronounces and instead names him Sikander; Jeffrey as the Japanese Taka who lost his parents in a Tsunami and finds a new friend and guardian in Rani, and Joseph as the French Tim, who croons the “London Thumakda” song of the movie in his own delightful manner! It is so heartening to see the three guys welcome Rani in their group and spend memorable moments with her in Amsterdam. The scene in which the trio shake a leg to “London Thumakda” playing in Rani’s laptop; Rani and the guys screaming on seeing a lizard in the bathroom and jumping on the bunk bed and finally, Taka hugging Rani with tearful eyes in the parting scene leave a permanent imprint in the viewer’s mind!

I can go on singing praises of this movie and especially Kangana Ranaut. The movie has given me so much happiness and a sense of understanding of life that I would be able to change my perspective of life for the better. I hope Bollywood makes more movies like “Queen”; it is high time the Indian ‘movie-watching’ public gets a reinvigorating boost of the mind and the soul! And talking about Kangana, may she keep doing such movies and win our hearts over and over again!

9 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut: The Queen of hearts!

  1. i watched it 6 times…. having a bad crush on Olexander and Italian resturant owner… please let me know their tweeter accounts///


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