Dear website, please surprise me!

It was a long time ago in Class 8 when I had learnt about the existence of something called the World Wide Web in our textbook of Information Technology. Ever since that time, Internet has become a fourth basic necessity of my life (apart from food, clothing and shelter of course)! There is a strange addiction to the web world that keeps me hooked in front of the computer screen for hours, when I actually plan to surf the web for just a few minutes. Certain websites have been able to captivate me to such an extent that although I have no purpose to open it on a particular day, I would eventually open them, even if it means just taking a glimpse of it!

The following are the 5 aspects which I look for in a website or I should put it as, the 5 aspects of a website which instantly grab my eyeballs and make the website land in my Bookmarks zone:

1. Colour scheme: I am a person deeply associated with painting from a very young age, hence colours have always been one of my criteria to judge the aesthetic appeal of any object. A website which has minimal colours looks neat and elegant, in my opinion. The colour scheme should involve maximum 3 colours because everyone wouldn’t appreciate a rainbow-like appearance in the website, especially if it is a website which doesn’t give the person enough time to sit, relax and admire its beauty (example: any government website). Most importantly, the choice of colours should be reasonably done. Colours should be contrasting but not to an extent that it gives the viewer epileptic fits! Would you like a website that has a combination of bright pink, green and yellow as a contrasting colour scheme?

2. Typography: A website would not be appealing enough by the dint of only the colour scheme. The typography used in the website should serve the purpose of the website. A website based on serious stuff like government, politics, education etc. should have a regular and neat type font, preferably in black. On the other hand, a website which deals with fun topics like cookery, cartoons, designing, games etc. should have a type font with a funky undertone. The website name should appear large, bold and distinct at the top of the website. It instantly adds a magnetic effect on the viewer’s mind!

3. Pictorial representation: Any website without pictures looks like a desert for me. You are bound to get lost in the dunes of endless text. A popular website uses pictures instead of words to convey ideas and messages. Any form of pictorial representation in the website assists the person in navigating through the website and relieves him or her from the boredom and annoyance of reading through a large amount of text to obtain relevant information. I would vouch for a website that has more pictures and less words!

4. Layout: Nobody likes to view a website that looks like a cluttered mess of text and images. Sadly, such websites exist and have infested the World Wide Web like vermin. I admire a website which places the right object at the right location. If you observe my blog, you would notice that I have maintained a neat sequence of links towards one side and all my posts are well-spaced. Also, essential hyperlinks should be noticeable without any effort, hence they should be placed towards the top. I admit I am not one of those who would painstakingly keep scrolling to find an important hyperlink!

5. Less advertisements: Alright, I understand it is mandatory for advertisements to appear in a popular website. Sometimes, such advertisements do add a distinct and pleasing flavour to the website. However, majority of the websites annoy with me a constant display of advertisements, especially when I hover my cursor over an ad and the image suddenly grows big, as if it seeks my attention desperately! Another instance of such annoyance is when the ads of the items I browsed in an e-shopping website appear in some other completely unrelated website. These actually spoil my attention and destroys my focus towards a serious work on the website.

Well, here are the 5 features of a website which I think should be considered while designing it. If someone asks me about my favourite website, I would vote for the Google Play website ( . This website has all the ingredients in the right proportions to give the viewer a savoury web browsing experience. Every time, I open the website, it surprises me with beautifully laid-out designs and interesting colour schemes, that are pleasing to the eyes! I love the large display images which add a sense of magnanimity to the website. After all, it is one of Internet giant Google’s products!

This post is a part of a contest “The Elegant World Wide Web” organized by The Blog Bowl ( in association with WebRiti (


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