A new beginning!

Dear reader,

At the onset, I wish you a very joyous, prosperous and boisterous new year. 2013 must have been a great year for you and you have given it an apt farewell. Now, it is time to make a new beginning with renewed vigour and zeal. May 2014 give you every opportunity to do good deeds and most importantly, move forward in the journey of becoming a better human being.

The last time I posted something in my blog was in October 6, 2013. Yeah! That was quite sometime back. Since then, I have been very busy with other aspects of life, which did not allow me to sit for even a few minutes and write something in my blog. Many of my readers  expressed their wishes to read my write-ups again. In one way, they helped me, because, in the long hiatus which I took, I never stopped creating write-ups for the blog – if not in the website, at least in my head. I am really grateful to those well-wishers who kept pushing me during  this period, or else I might have absconded from blogging altogether!

On the bright side, as I stepped into 2014 today, I decided to recharge The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas! As it is a new year, I thought the website needed an image makeover. So, I spent the entire day browsing through the various themes to select a suitable one for my blog. I admit it was really difficult to decide which one to choose from the wide assortment of colourful themes available. Finally, I chose “The Flounder  Theme”. The overall layout is very neat and systematic. As blue is my favourite colour, I love the various combinations of shades of blue in the theme. I hope you like the new look of the blog.

And if this was not enough, I also redesigned my blog logo, adding some colours and a fresh appeal! The blank notebook is my canvas and the seven colours of the rainbow flowing out from the quill mean the wide variety of stuff that I write. I hope you like the new logo.

TKK logo

Dear readers, I have made some great plans for my blog and wish to keep you entertained with regular posts. All I seek is your love, wishes and blessings and of course, readership! Once again, I convey my New Year greetings to you. Thank you. Peace. 


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