Hide and Seek

CutenessAs I was walking on the road from college to my room, I heard a gentle rustle of leaves from a nearby bush. I was a bit engrossed in some thoughts, so I ignored it initially. But, the sound came again. I looked around for the source and then saw these lovely two kittens, hiding behind the leaves.

Instantly, I got drawn to them; how adorable they looked! I didn’t want to scare them away and rob myself of a chance to feast my eyes on their playfulness. So, I maintained a safe distance from them and took a closer look; they seemed to be on the lookout for something. I scanned the place for anything that might have interested the two but I was puzzled. There was nothing: no insect, no mommy or daddy cat nor any toy to be played with! What to do? I just pulled my camera out and captured this shot.

I still don’t know what I should perceive from this photo. There are so many emotions hidden in it. Dear reader, why don’t you drop in a comment on this photo? 🙂


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