A hug a day keeps worries at bay!

HugYesterday, as I was walking along the roadside in a busy market-place of Guwahati, I saw two middle-aged gentlemen hugging each other in front of a sweets shop. It isn’t an uncommon sight to see two persons hugging each other; however this instance was slightly different, which, of course, drew my attention! From a safe distance, avoiding the eyes of onlookers who may think I’m spying on the two men, I listened to the two gentlemen as they concluded their long hug. What I inferred from their conversation was that they were friends who met after 7 years and one of them was almost teary-eyed after the hug! They exchanged a few words of knowing the well-being of each other and soon hugged each other again, saying they really missed each other! The sight moved me. I decided I need to write something on this phenomenal way of non-verbal communication i.e. hugging!

I will not describe what a hug is; everyone knows about it. The first instance of a hug you received was definitely your mom hugging you after birth. And that was followed by Daddy! Research says that the cuddles and hugs we receive from our parents in our childhood get imprinted at a cellular level and this enhances our understanding of love, care and affection. At this point, let me ask you – how often do you hug your parents? Do you shy away from showing your love for your parents just because you’re a grown-up now and you are this rough and tough person externally but inside, you’re still the affectionate person hidden in plain sight? Or you’re so scared of your parents you can’t even tell them “Dad, Mom, I love you!”, leave alone hugging them? I never really told or hugged my parents to show them how much I love them, for I grew up in quite an strict environment at home but, now I want to make amends. Dear reader, whenever you get a chance, hug your parents, absorb their hug (love) and experience unparalleled bliss!

A few months back, I lost my grandmother; she was an extra-ordinarily affectionate lady. Whenever I used to visit my grandparents, she used to give me such a loving, tight hug and break down into tears as if it was her last hug (Gosh! I miss her so much now). One of my aunts told me in the funeral that granny always felt that unlike people of most of the other states, especially the Punjabis who believe in ‘jhappi’ (Hindi word for hug), people in my state Assam don’t know how to express feelings through hugs; its more through talking or writing. She believed that a hug is a powerful healer of any mental pain, stress or trauma and a great way to convey feelings to another person, and most people don’t know about that. At that moment, I realized the gravity of the matter. There was truth in her words!

There are so many instances in life where a simple single hug can do wonders where many words may fail. When you’re wishing a friend on his or her birthday, hug him/her along with saying the two common words. When your friend performs well in an exam or gets a job, however small it may be, convey your congratulations with a tight embrace! If you see a friend or any loved one in distress, comfort and cheer him or her with a soft hug, patting them on the backs to assure them that all will be fine and they needn’t worry! When you meet someone you’ve been missing for a long time, run to them and hug them tightly for a few minutes, so that they know how much they mean to you. I say why don’t we hug each other every time we say a hello or a goodbye; may be feelings would reciprocate more effectively then!

If you need to know more about the healthy benefits of hugging, you can check this website: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-5756/10-Reasons-Why-We-Need-at-Least-8-Hugs-a-Day.html

🙂 Till then, make the world a better, healthier and happier place through hugging! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A hug a day keeps worries at bay!

  1. Nice post on hugs. The world has become too mechanical that we have almost forgotten to exchange hugs and handshakes nowadays. Agree with you that hugs are important but too much PDA(public display of affection) is also unwarranted in some situations.


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