The forgotten sons of Indian borders

Indian SoldiersThis is a poem I wrote as a tribute to the brave Indian soldiers who dedicate their entire lives to the service of the people of the country without any complaints. These soldiers leave the comforts of their homes so that we have a comfortable stay at our homes; they take pains at treacherous terrains so that we stay happy and safe wherever we are; they guard our boundaries from dangers so that we remain protected. My salute to them….Jai Hind!

 Miles away from their home, away from their kith and kin,

 Brave warriors, with no grievance, no sorrow;

 The saviours of the people, the guards of India’s frontiers,

 Ensuring us a safe and secure today and tomorrow.


 Unfazed by the Himalayan cold, or the Thar heat,

 Winning fierce battles in such extremities,

 They sacrifice their lives for us, for their motherland,

 They protect the people from all calamities.


 Gallant warriors, brave sons and daughters of India,

 For them, their triumph, their death isn’t vain,

 Time ticks, yet the Indian braves remain eternal,

 In our hearts, love and honour is what they gain.


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