Goodbye August. Welcome September!

TKK logoThe blogger in me took a week-long rest towards the end of August. Not that I had suffered some sort of a writer’s block, which many people experience while writing something, but I needed to take a break because I had nothing interesting to write about. All the topics which were taking birth in my mind were simply not worth writing. And I didn’t want my blog to be a waste bin of crap posts! The ones which I posted in August didn’t meet my target of more than 12 posts (there are only 8 in the month), but I was content with what I wrote. Almost all of them were liked and praised by my readers!

I came to learn about a completely new form of writing called the ’55 Fiction’, where one need to write a complete story having a setting and characters in exactly 55 words. I attempted two posts – ‘Saraswati’ and ‘The Orphan’ in this genre. But, what makes me really happy is that the story ‘An unforgettable night with Martha’ was selected as a WoW (Write Over Weekend) story in It was appreciated by many readers; some of my  friends were actually surprised by what I wrote. (Read it to find out, if you haven’t yet) Then, I dived into a very sweet memory of my childhood and weaved a post ‘Rasmalai and a sweet act of compassion’, which I submitted for a contest in and now, awaiting the results! This post struck the emotional chords of many people as well! Overall, I am satisfied with my blogging in the month of August.

“Am I being complacent?” I asked myself today morning. The inner voice spoke, “No way dude! Its a new month and you still haven’t broken the July record of 11 posts. You can’t be complacent,” That pumped me up! I need to write more. But, I can’t risk taking a hiatus again. So I set some goals for this month of September. Realistic goals for I can’t be determined to write a short story every day. This month, however, I do plan to revive my love for poetry and paintings. It has been a long time since I wrote a poem or made some paintings. I feel my blog would be the perfect medium to relaunch these two interests!

Dear reader, you must have read my blog-posts so far and you have a fair idea about my tastes. Yet, if you wish something more from me; something new and interesting you want me to write, you can give me your suggestions. As I said before : “The success of a blog depends more on its readers than the scribe penning it.”


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