55 Fiction – Saraswati

As I was reading some interesting blogs today, I stumbled upon a completely new genre of fiction. It’s called “55 Fiction”, which is the art of creating a complete short story in exactly 55 words, not less, not more. It can’t be a poem or small essay or random thoughts but pure story! It can be challenging to dexterously fit in your ideas in only 55 words, but a challenge is what makes life interesting, isn’t it? This is what I composed, as my first attempt in 55 Fiction. What do you have to say?

I stopped by a shop to buy a pen. I then noticed Saraswati. She looked excited. Her satchel swung as she made rapid strides towards me. She said happily,” Masterji, I passed the exam.” I bought her a chocolate. I felt proud that I freed her from bonded labour at a restaurant and educated her!

Girl education


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