An unforgettable night with Martha

‘It would be a night to remember.’ The man thought as he stepped out of his two-room apartment in the suburbs in western Malaysia. He had made himself a light dinner consisting of tuna-salad and apple tart, for he knew he couldn’t afford to let sleep spoil his plans. Since the day he met her, he couldn’t arrange a proper date with her when they would be alone and together, because his nagging colleagues at his workplace never really cared to gift them that moment of bliss. Andrew Scott had to coax his boss to hand him the assignment that needed to be done tonight. He usually preferred to toil in the day-light hours and spend a comfortable night at home. But, this time, the priorities had changed for him. He couldn’t let go off a chance to spend quality time with the red-haired female he met a few weeks ago.

Andrew drove to his workplace in his rusty Ford Mustang, which his late father had gifted him on his 22nd birthday. At 1 a.m., most streets were deserted and the periodic growl of the car engine cut though the silence of the night. He thought of his date. ‘How would I approach her? What would I give her? Would she even allow me to touch her’? Strange thoughts stirred in his excited mind and within a few minutes, he arrived at his workplace. The security man waved his hand at him, as he opened the gates and allowed the vehicle to enter. Andrew wondered if the security person was surprised to see him come to work at this hour.He soon parked his car in one of the staff garages and checked his watch. Yes, he was ready for the task ahead and he didn’t want to keep her waiting inside.

Before meeting her, he dashed to his room and took the special package he had kept ready the earlier afternoon. Then, he opened the drawer and rummaged through the items in it. His hands soon touched the plastic that he would need for protection, in case there is any risk involved. He finally made way for Martha’s room. The glint in his eyes spoke that he was a man on a  mission.

As soon as he reached Martha’s room, he called for her. ‘Hey, Martha darling, how have you been?’ The red-haired Martha looked at him and gave a toothy grin. She looked tired but there was a spark in her round dark eyes. She sort of emitted a vibe that wanted Andrew’s presence near her. It seemed she had been waiting for his bare hands to stroke her, to caress her and make her feel good. Andrew opened the package he brought and took out some bananas. Someone had told him that bananas keep the vigour alive in the special task which he was about to do. Martha took them and thrust them in her mouth. She was very hungry. As she fed herself, Andrew stroked her red-hair and she closed her eyes to savour the loving moment. He soon opened his tawny-coloured shirt, and kept it aside. His vest was also of the same colour and he preferred to keep wearing it. Martha wasn’t wearing anything and he patted her soft belly. When she was comfortable and seemed to go into a state of slumber, he took out a large-sized injection and a bottle with a yellowish fluid inside. In the next few minutes, Martha was made unconscious.

He slowly opened the plastic he had brought and laid it around the left side of her bulky torso. He did not want to stain the stone flooring with her blood. He then grabbed some cotton and a shining scalpel, and made a precise cut on her left thigh. Blood spurted out instantly. He dabbed the cotton in another bottle of bluish liquid and applied on the area of the cut. The blood flow slowed down. After some basic surgical procedures, he took out a small black-coloured box, about the size of a human palm and opened it. There was a tiny micro-chip inside. He carefully lifted it out of the slots and placed it inside the flesh of Martha, at the site of the operation. The hour-long procedure finally ended and Andrew heaved a sigh of relief. The operation was successful.

The next day, a fit and fine Martha was made ready for a new life in the jungles of Borneo. Borneo is currently the only habitat for the red-haired Orangutans that live in the dense rain-forests there. Martha was one such orangutan, who was brought as to National Zoo of Malaysia 7 weeks back. Andrew was a trained animal surgeon and had done good research on chimpanzees but he was highly disappointed when the job of putting the micro-chip was given to a fellow zoo worker. His boss, the head of the Animal Care Department in the zoo, didn’t put trust in his expertise. As of now, Andrew was a happy man, for he proved his boss wrong and at the same time, he could manage to spend some good moments with the beautiful Martha.

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10 thoughts on “An unforgettable night with Martha

  1. This was such a beautiful read, well narrated.

    Just a small suggestion though, and you can ignore it if you want to. What would have added to the story would have been a small paragraph explaining what exactly the micro chip did, that’s all.

    In any case, this post truly deserved to be picked for the WoW theme of the week.

    BTW, check out my post which was also selected for this week’s WoW theme


    • Thank you so much sir! Your suggestion is good; I could have written a small paragraph on the micro-chip. But, my intention was to bring a sudden surprise element in the story. The paragraph on the micro-chip may have diluted the surprise.

      And I read your post. It is fantastic. You have wonderfully brought out the theme related to a loser becoming a winner. I shall follow your blog!


  2. buddy…..felt like I drank boiled coca-cola…..
    Nicely written…!! Hoping to hear from u more such wonderful things…
    to add…that martha never wore any clothes…and her body was shining in the dim moonlight which came from the ceiling…she looked at me…as if trying to ask…something…and our eyes spoke…the moment which only we two would share…unknown of the world…the moment….and *micro chip…!!*


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