It isn’t good to be materialistic (or possessive)!

We all lose things, don’t we? There isn’t any person who has not lost something in his or her life. We lose things if we are careless or if we often tend to forget where we’ve kept them. It is a natural phenomenon in an average human’s life. But, what if the thing you lose is your favourite something or it is a prized possession which you wished to carry it to your death-bed? Yeah, I have seen people having an attachment for things, ranging from a little hair-clip to a large microwave oven, to which they cling to as if a part of their soul resides in them! So, coming back to the question, how do you feel if you lose something like the ones I mentioned here? Do you shed tears like you lost some dear person or stop eating and make a huge fuss? If it is so, then you are being ‘materialistic’ and like it or not, materialism is one of the many reasons responsible for our never-ending grief in life!


Today, I realized how bad can being materialistic do to you! It was raining incessantly yesterday morning, and while going to college, I took out my recently bought umbrella. I took a bit of unnecessary pride in flaunting it, as it was a tad bigger than the average umbrella and it gave me full-protection from the rain, even the splattering drops that bounce off the umbrella edges and hit you. After I reached my classroom, I kept it open to dry in one of the corners. Silly it may sound, but I did take quick glances at the umbrella, while the teacher was delivering his lecture and I admired its majesty among the umbrellas nearby. When the classes ended (and it was no longer raining), I left the classroom and returned to my own room.

Today, in the morning, as I set out for college again, I noticed the slight drizzle outside. Where was my umbrella??? It took me a few seconds to remember that I had left it in the classroom yesterday and I convinced myself I might find it there if I reach college early. I did but there was no sign of it in the classroom. A classmate of mine had also left his umbrella in the room and we both set out to search for them. Nobody, not even the peon who locks the room or the sweeper who cleans it, saw our umbrellas. I couldn’t concentrate on the lectures; there was a strange pain inside me. I realized I would never get that umbrella. Some of my friends were annoyed to see me fret over it, saying that it’s just an umbrella and people often lose such things so that isn’t a big deal. Big deal, c’mon, it was a big deal for me.  Had it been an old and dilapidated umbrella, I would have gladly let go off the thought of losing it and buy myself a new one. But, the one I lost was only a few days old and I lost it, only due to my carelessness!

I kept feeling bad, even after returning to my own room. So, I browsed through the internet, to see if I can get any sort of way to let go off this mini grief! And then I came across a quote by Chuck Palahniuk in his book Fight Club : 

“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.”

and a small story about how a family survived a massive fire in their house, where all their property got destroyed, yet the little girl in the family was happy and thankful that there was no loss of life and that the family was still together.

Everything was back to normal again!


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