Life in college: The 5 things that make me homesick

This post is dedicated to all the newbies (first years) who have just made an entry into college life, closing the chapter of high-schooling, which, for many, passed in the same place where they were born or brought up or where they spent a sizeable portion of their lives. What you shall read now will soon happen to you and shall keep happening to you till graduation, even if you deny it (the degree of this feeling would reduce as you move on, but it will be there).  Now, if you’ll be staying at home and attending college, then I doubt this post would be effective for you, as the target group includes those who are moving to some faraway place from home to attend college. Still, you have the liberty to read it!

HomesickFor those who have already experienced a bit or a bit more of their college life so far, your semester break holidays have recently ended and if you’re among those who live far from your place of study, remember the day you left your home towards the end of your vacations; remember the moment you boarded the bus or train or flight and bade goodbyes to your family. A few hours later, I shall be in a similar situation and as I write this post, I am experiencing the same emotions that I usually feel in the moments of goodbye when my semester vacations end. These emotions are basically related to all the things I shall miss, being away from home and family. And I am sure you’ll be able to relate with them too.

1. Peace: This comes at the top of my list, as I believe there can not be a more peaceful place than home. Admit it, college life does get hectic and chaotic; sometime pushing you to situations like in a pressure cooker. You look for peace among friends, among work, among junk food but the peace at home is altogether heavenly!

2. Home-made food: For most of you, this should come at the top, isn’t it? And why shouldn’t it be? No matter how tolerant your taste buds are, you can not digest hostel food for long. At one point of time, you do crave for home-made or should I put it as mom-made food. (No offence to the daddies who cook well.) 

3. Personal room: I agree many of you around love your hostel rooms because you have all the liberty to use it, whichever way you want, away from the prying eyes of your parents or nagging attacks of siblings. Blessed are those who get a like-minded and sporting room-mate who give a homely touch to your hostel room. Yet, if you have had a room of your own at home, you would want to escape there sometimes. (I wish I knew instant teleportation.)

4. School friends: Yes, semester breaks are the perfect times to get along with your buddies from school and spend some memorable moments with them; those friends who have gone different places to study and you often or occasionally talk to them through phone-calls, SMSs or Facebook….wait I forgot to include Whatsapp!

5. Family: “I miss my family”, “Mom, Dad, I wish you were here”, “Let the holidays come soon, Lord” are some common words you ought to hear from a typical homesick college going guy or gal. Well, these are common during the first 1-2 years of college, but with time, you grow mature and the feeling of being home-sick gradually wears off. You stop being a whiner as you move towards graduation, for you come to terms with the fact that you will have to stay away from your family, either in pursuit of higher studies abroad or a job in a different city. Lucky are those who get the comfort of family while doing their further studies or jobs.

Well, that pretty much sums up the list of 5 things which I generally miss. There might be several other factors which you may experience and didn’t find a mention here. So why don’t you share it in the comment box? I would be very eager to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Life in college: The 5 things that make me homesick

  1. Nicely written Kunal… 
    We do miss these things a lot… Well, there are certain times when I long for that touch…when I am alone, when I am frustrated, when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am in pain….or when I just…’I just want to be myself..just Myself!!…’ though college life is awesome…but certainly most of the times it has given birth to a artificial being…I just want to be the guy I was in school…We talked of WWE, we talked about movies…about video games…We never cared about ego…we never cared about jealousy…we just cared about friendship…there is a thin line between…’friendship’ and ‘being friends…’
    I miss my kindergarten friends…it was that first time…I saw many tiny creatures..or the same height, of the same structure as mine…with teary eyes…trying to put into their mouth small bread crumbs that their mother has packed for tiffin. I understood…what home away from home means…I understood…that away from my parents…there were also someone called ‘a teacher’ to take care of me…I put it on no. 5 on my ‘missing list’…i.e my hometown kindergarten frndz…
    I miss my hometown…although it may not have a great college (that y I have to travel to this far off land) but indeed…those streets…those small buildings..and those narrow lanes…they would remain close to my heart… It was through those roads …when the ambulance bought me as a baby from the hospital to my home…I keep my hometown on no. 4 on my missing list…
    Dialects change with places…Although we speak the same…but my tongue can’t express what I truly feel when I can’t speak in the same way I used to speak at home..or with my school buddies..I keep my dialect on no. 3 on my missing list… 2..gets a lot of things…Parents…home…my own homemade food…my bathroom…etc and etc…those really make me homesick at times….
    Its this no. 1 thing in my missing list…that I miss the most…to be honest..when I am away from home…”I JUST MISS BEING MYSELF!!!”…Environment changes people…I am a totally different person at home….or in my place with friends…but here…”although it’s the same body..a most tougher and a more rougher body…a body ready to face the world…ready to face all the hardship alone…” but all inside my heart I want to be that mamma’s boy….who can be himself in the company of his childhood friends…I want to be that soft guy..whom my parents take care of ….who gets a hug from his mother…whenever he falls sick…I just want to be myself in my college.
    Abhishek Kalita…(wat say kunal…do u miss these things…!!)


    • Wonderfully written Abhishek! And of course, I do miss the things you mentioned, except for the dialect, for I suppose I don’t have one in the place I come from. Your words expressed the subtle nuances of the homesick feeling that a usual college-going guy gets! Keep penning bro!


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