Books I read in the summer break of 2013

On one of the days during the sixth semester exams (don’t remember the exact date) in the month of May, Flipkart, the mega-online store, offered a 50% discount on a selected range of books, and I, being an avid reader of novels, couldn’t resist the temptation! But, I noticed that in the selected novels with the discount offer, some had already been read by me, while some needed to be overlooked, because they were based on superficial candy-floss romances, which I wholly detested! However, one book caught my attention and it was “The Krishna Key” by the so-called Dan Brown of Indian Literature, Ashwin Sanghi. A friend of mine had recommended the book to me a few months back, so I purchased it and the book was delivered to me within 3 days! (Flipkart rules in book delivery service!) By the time, the exams ended i.e within a span of 5 days, I completed the 475 pages book at a whirlwind pace! And in the following semester break (or should I say the summer holidays), I read a few more books of different genres. I won’t review them like the professionals do; but I would like to share my opinions about them in brief.

1. TKKLet me begin with “The Krishna Key”. Well, from a very young age, mythology has been my area of fascination. I was an avid reader of the Amar Chitra Katha series, which were based on the exact stories of Indian mythology. However, after reading “The Immortals of Meluha” by Amish Tripathi, another rising star among Indian writers, I realized that one could actually present age-old mythological tales in an entirely new perspective! So, when I purchased The Krishna Key, my initial thoughts were that the book would likewise present Lord Krishna in some new heroic avatar. I was wrong! It is an absolute thriller, with the story based on the search for an ancient secret, dating to the time when Lord Krishna dwelt on Indian soil, and how a serial killer believing himself to be the Tenth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is stopped in his track by the protagonist. Honestly speaking, the book gave me a slight head-ache while reading it, for it contains too much researched information for the mind to absorb. (and when I say too much, I mean it!) Kudos to the author for the well-researched facts, which he presented in such an impeccable manner, that I couldn’t lift my eyes off the book once I began reading it! Had my conscience not made me wary that I had to study for the ongoing semester exams, I would have definitely read it in a go!

2. The_Casual_VacancyThe semester break started and I began reading “The Casual Vacancy” by famous author J.K.Rowling. I took an interest in the book, for I wanted to see how would the woman who created the wondrous magical world of Harry Potter fare in a book of a completely different genre i.e adult fiction! And she did score well, in terms of the overall theme and the depth of the characters. The story is set in a suburban town called Pagford, where class difference, politics and social issues like that of drugs, prostitution and rape  exist and how the death of a councillor Barry Fairbrother, stirs things up in the town. I was a bit disappointed with the story, because it gave me moments of yawn and I almost gave up reading mid-way, because certain plots dragged too long and all I wanted to do was flip through those pages. Mustering all my willpower, I completed the 503 page book. The only eyes-popping-out moments came when I noticed the extensive use of cuss words like the famous F word and many more.

3. lastmoichansgreatillusMy sister had received the book “The Last of the Mohicans” by James Fenimore Cooper, as a prize in a competition and she told me it wasn’t an interesting book. I decided to read it to verify her claim. And the book was not that bad. I realized why she found it uninteresting. The story deals with the theme of war and it dates to the 18th century North America, where France and Great Britain fought with each other to establish dominion over the continent. And I suppose girls aged around 14 seldom like such novels!

4. a-game-of-thrones-book-1-of-a-song-of-ice-and-fire1Moving on…When I watched the final and tenth episode of Season 3 of Game of Thrones, the famous TV series, in the last week of May, I confronted the bitter truth that I have to wait for more than half a year for Season 4. Thus, I decided to read the books on which the TV series is based. I purchased the 1st book “Game of Thrones” of the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. I began to read it, but halted mid-way. Don’t ask why as I have no reason to say. It was just circumstance that didn’t give me time to continue reading it. I wish I resume soon.

5. rcFinally, towards the end of the vacations, I caught hold of Robin Cook’s mini novel “Mutation”. The book served as the crème de la crème of my reading spree. Written in thriller style, the story is based on how an experiment of Genetic Engineering on a human foetus misfires and creates a child, equivalent to a monster. The only turn-off for a normal reader would be the extensive use of biological terms, which only a student of Biology or Medical Science would understand. As I love Biology, especially the field of Genetics, since my school days, I did not have a problem with it. I wish I had read this book at that time…

If you’ve already read any or all of these books, feel free to comment on what I’ve written about them. If you’ve not  read them yet and my words aroused your interest, grab these books as soon as you can. Happy reading folks!


3 thoughts on “Books I read in the summer break of 2013

  1. Out of all the books u have mentioned, i hv read only the 1st one “THE KRISHNA KEY”, its good but if someone study it after going through DAN BROWN books its not upto mark, i felt as if ASWIN is trying to be INDIAN BROWN,but he failed..


    • I agree with you. Ashwin Sanghi is said to be the Indian Dan Brown, but the real Dan Brown is at a completely different level. Ashwin Sanghi’s work is good but not up to the standard of Dan Brown.


    • I agree with you. Ashwin Sanghi is said to be the Indian Dan Brown, but the real Dan Brown is at a completely different level. Ashwin Sanghi’s work is good but not up to the standard of Dan Brown.


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