The birth of “The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas” !

Dear reader,

At the onset, allow me to express my gratitude to you, for opening The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas and spending a few moments to read my blog. The success of a blog  depends more on the readers than the scribe, who pens the blog. And I’ve just stepped into the exciting world of blogging, the journey has begun and many milestones are to be crossed. Not without your support though! 🙂

June 21, 2013, time – 5:30 p.m…a rainy evening it was. I was leisurely sitting in the living room, munching hot and crispy mom-made pakoras and sipping coffee. It was a tantalizing trio -rain, pakoras and coffee, which I have been fond of since the days of teenage, when leisure hours meant a ticket to a world of absurd and surreal thoughts (sometimes wild fantasies too)!  But, that day, such thoughts did not visit me. Rather, something clicked. An old wish had resurfaced and I knew it was time to give it a touch of reality.

After my class X board exams, I had always wished to pen my own blog but a fear and to a certain degree, a little bit of confusion lingered inside. What if I run out of ideas, what if people dislike my blog, what if I suffer a writer’s block! Such harmful thoughts restrained me from giving a shape to my wish. However, that evening, a flurry of thoughts and ideas burst in my mind and I felt the urge to open up a blog. assisted me accordingly and lo! my wish took birth. On an inaugural note, I wrote some lines based on a quote and posted it. It was a pleasing sight to me, to watch my words display as in a blog. Almost 2 weeks later, after scrutinizing a blog of one of my friends, I realized my blunder! Man, I hadn’t christened my blog. Honestly speaking, I was actually unaware that it should be done and could be done in WordPress! I thought the website name and the tagline would suffice.

July 9, 2013, same time as June 21 and yet another rainy evening. The rain was beating harder on the roof above and a sense of irritation stirred in my mind. I felt gullible and slightly guilty, for continuing my blog without assigning a proper name to it. Duh! Thus began a frantic brain-storming chain of hours, dragging to a considerable length, in deciding a proper name for my blog. My brain was churning several nonsensical terms, which I at once discarded. A few rounds of consultations with friends with a good vocabulary also didn’t help. I paused for a while, took  a deep breath and thought what my blog is about. My purpose of creating it was to mainly write about different topics of my interest and share them with friends and other people. So the name should speak variety, something colourful, something rainbow-like. And instantly, the word ‘Kaleidoscope’ popped in my mind. Kaleidoscope was the apt word, as it is a device that creates different colourful patterns and it would define my variety of thoughts. The word canvas followed soon, as I, being an artist,  always consider the world to be a huge canvas, which we paint using our thoughts and actions. Finally, the game of words concluded!

And with a  stroke of style (canvas being Kanvas), I christened my blog as “The Kaleidoscopic Kanvas“. Like it???  And what do you have to say about the logo? Post your comments. I would like to read your views.

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